As the holidays have passed, the second grade students have learned how to celebrate and ways for them to connect to the meaning of them. They have also studied all seven days of creation from the beginning of Bereshit of the Torah. Through these lessons, the second grade students have made sukkot decorations, put together pictures of how to dress the Torah along with correctly putting all five books in the right order, and have worked together to put on skits reflecting each day of creation. The second graders have been exploring each topic, asking wonderful questions, and making many new connections to the topics we have learned. They are currently starting to learn about the patriarchs and matriarchs as we delve into the stories from the Torah. Regarding Hebrew, they are working diligently in their Hebrew books learning the different letters, words, sounds, and writing them. They have also been learning how to write their own Hebrew names. In music they have been singing several fun Jewish songs and have been learning Rick Recht songs in order to sing on stage with him. They have also been playing fun Hebrew and Judaism related games on the computer and reading or listening to new books every week during library time. We have learned about the parsha of the week from our visiting rabbis, and even got to lead prayers together during Kabbalat Shabbat services. In addition, we have a fun pen pal project starting with their teacher from last year, Morah Dori. By corresponding with her through email, the kids have been able to hear updates about her time in Israel and ask questions to her students in order to learn about what it is like to be student growing up in Ramlah, Israel.

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